About Tango

There are two ways to Tango – only way in and out of the Baltic for large vessels.

We specialize on route Tango, the journey over occasionally deceptively shallow water between the islands of the southern archipelico, Funen, Sjaelland, the Jutland pennisula and mainland Sweden. Deceptive, in places it is only metres deep. For a stunning realisation of how much, or rather how little water there is, click on the bubble

We have four scheduled locations in order to board and to exchange pilots. It is here that we can perhaps help with a ‘favour’ or two – it’s part of our ClearWater commitment to make life onboard easier.

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Water Water Everywhere? No

The amount of water on earth is deceptive. It covers most of our planet, but gathered as a single droplet it is surprisingly sparse. Like the 10 kilometer sphere you are about to cross.